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March 27, 2012
New Royal Dead CD Go Bat Go! Available For Purchase

The new Royal Dead CD, Go Bat Go! is out now!.

Recorded over 2011 this CD features a mix of brand new songs and reworked new interpretations of songs from the last album. Hard tunes like Dead Sled and Death Cycle tear things up while first ever recorded acoustic versions of Royal Dead songs show their diverse range.

Guest appearances include Vic Victor; from fellow psychobilly band Koffin Kats, Harley McClellan; formerly of New Orleans hardcore band When Dreams Become Nightmares, London Mourdyn formerly of Denver's Deviant, and D' MacKinnon formerly from Divine Reich and Deviant.

Featuring Death Cycle, Dead Sled, and Corpse Bride.

You can pick up the physical CD at your local retailer, at a Royal Dead show or via the KGM online store.

It's also available for digital download via iTunes and Amazon.

Royal Dead Death Cycle Video Out Now!

The video for Royal Dead's Death Cycle is now live for streaming.

You can download Death Cycle and other songs off of Go Bat Go! here:

or purchase the CD in the KGM store.

Video production credits:
Video created by Look At My Face Productions
Written and Directed by Melisa Ford
Assistant Director: Erica Bennet
Producer: Sara Sanchez
Art Director: Jolene MacKinnon
Hair and Makeup by Nicole Olson Rushton
Starlet Hair by April Rosetta

Nicole Olson Rushton
Christopher Phillips
Mark Sanchez
Lisa Sherritt
Madden Wachenhoff
Josh Hankins
Brian Rothlisberger

Special thanks to:
Jim Norris & 3 Kings Tavern
Jenny Sanchez & Lux De Vil Salon
Nicole Olson Rushton
T.J. Miller
Eric Wood
Colorado Rehearsal Studios

Copyright 2012 Kheperi Global Media LLC

March 16, 2012
Upcoming CD Release and Music Video Premiere for Royal Dead

Royal Dead have been hard at work in studio over the past year and next week you get to see some of that hard work come to fruition. Here is a taste of the music video for "Death Cycle". You can see the full video next week exclusively at the CD release show for Go Bat Go! March 24th at 3 Kings Tavern.