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The debut release from Deviant. A hybrid of the synthetic and the organic; allusive lyrics affixed with deep emotive prominence bind with tragic melodies to form music that is both haunting and meaningful. Released in 2003 it features the songs "Keep Away" and "Angels Disappear".

“They combine lush synths, supreme fuzz guitar distortion, wailing lead guitar solos and the poignant, strong, sexy, tuneful female vocal stylings of London. Deviant recalls a more accessible Switchblade Symphony, with toms that tone down verses before exploding into big, crushing choruses, and surging melody hooks that draw you in like the arms of an octopus. Deviant could hide behind the steel mask of synths and drum machines, but instead venture out wearing a human face in the form of London’s all-too-mortal lyrics, and live guitar and piano.”

— Rebecca Vernon
SLUG Magazine

“Absenta is one of the finest CD's I've ever heard.”

— Sarah Rayne
Virus! Magazine

High quality CD-R

Track listing:

1. Angels Disappear
2. Absenta
3. Keep Away
4. Fragile
5. 9-11

Price: $8.00

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